Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth

The motorsynth has 37 midi addressable controls but I left the modwheel control off the preset because it doesn’t make sense on a knob and it would have needed to have a page to itself. Leaving it off allowed me to put all the controls on one page.

Being a rather new synth there are a couple of bugs to note here:

-if you are looking at the signal flow graphic on the motorsynth display while toggling the CROSS MOD TYPE control the graphic display is reversed but the Electra control and the panel control are correct.

-the LFO rate control is in Hz and while it is pretty accurate it doesn’t scale completely perfectly on the electra. I doubt it will matter but if you have a bunch of stuff synced at 500hz you will likely only get 499.97hz if you pin the knob on the electra.

Motorsynth.epr (9.2 KB)

Don’t want to post duplicate questions, but after messing with this for a bit, realized that this might be more appropriate for a thread about the motorsynth editor.

thanks for doing this! I’m curious - when I press the ‘patch request’ button, nothing happens. I thought that this might be an issue with Ableton Live, but I’m also seeing that nothing seems to be sent when I press this (looking at my midi monitor software). I also cannot find anything about patch dumps or requests in the motorsynth docs.

Is this simply not possible with the motorsynth? Or am I missing something (hoping so).

Hi @Nelson_Baboon,

The idea behind the [PATCH REQUEST] button is that it sends a MIDI message(s) that will cause the device to respond with the patch dump data. The response is then parsed by Electra and the controls updated accordingly. You will find this workflow typically on the hardware synths. Both, requests and responses are expected to be SysEx messages.

I took a look at the Motorsynth MIDI implementation. It looks like it does not support the SysEx patch dump. So the standard patch dump will not work here.

But, I saw that all parameters have CCs assigned - I expect that when you change any parameter on the motorsynth, the change will be reflected on your Electra. So the question is if there is any way to force the Motorsynth to dump all CCs. Possibly when changing the program on the motorsynths panel?

Maybe the following settings?

Just guessing…

I’ve spent a lot of time with the motorsynth and have not found a way to dump patches. The MIDI implementation is really basic and doesn’t extend far beyond individual panel controls. I’ve not found a way to capture cc values from static controls either.

Fun fact: there wasn’t even a list of MIDI parameters publicly available for this synth until I hassled Gamechanger to add one to the manual. I don’t get the feeling that a robust MIDI situation is something Gamechanger has/had in mind for this device.

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yeah - i gradually reached this same conclusion…obviously a msg needs to be sent to the motorsynth for this to happen, and my midi monitor shows nothing at all being sent. I tried exactly that this morning - changing a patch to see if all CCs were sent, but still nothing. But maybe a setting. On the other hand, the gamechanger people are nice - maybe there is documented patch dump capability. I’ll ping them today.

Please let me know if you come up with anything, I’d love to offload some of my patches.

sure. depending on the solution, i might need some help with it…i haven’t looked at sysex in many years…

lol - well, as i said, i’m a beginner with the electra, and somewhat of a beginner on the motorsynth. I can’t find the menu that you show below. Where is it? (I will almost certainly find it after I post this)