Lumen Video Synthesizer Support?

Hello, I am looking to find out if Electra One’s 14-bit MIDI CCs (or other features I’m not aware of) would work well with the following video synthesizer’s extremely high resolution Oscillator Frequency and K. Scope knobs.

Free demo for testing:

Very eager to upgrade to a midi controller than handles better than my Launch Kontrol XL, and anyone’s help in testing would be much appreciated.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.

Thank you.

does Lumem support 14 bit midi mapping? (more a question for Lumen that the Electra)
if it does, then the E1 would work really well…

note: midi mapping is only uni-directional , so it’ll work best if you do not usage of the on screen controls with those on the E1… i.e. just use the E1.
this might be ‘problematic’ if you are loading patches as you will need to get the E1 into a state than matches your onscreen controls …
but you will have experienced this already when using your Launch Kontrol

one future enhancement that is planned and will really improve this is the ability to store presets on the E1, not sure where that is on the roadmap - @martin ?

I just found out about the Electra One, and it looks fantastic! :raised_hands: Right now Lumen only supports standard-resolution CCs (not 14-bit CCs). That said, Pitch Bend messages are higher resolution, so you could possibly map 16 of those (not sure if the Electra One can send those, though).

It is on my roadmap with Lumen to add high-resolution CC support, but it may arrive after the HD release, which is the next big feature I’m working on. When it is added, this section of the guides will be updated: Lumen - Appendix

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The first bit has just been released :slight_smile:

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Electra currently does not support pitch bend midi messages. We did not see many reasons to add it. This is an example that there might be reasons :slight_smile:

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