Make brightness configurable for the darkened non-focused parts of the screen

To my old eyes it’s quite hard to see the parts of the screen that is not in focus. That means the controls in the sections that aren’t in focus on the screen. It would be nice if the brightness of the darkened parts could be configurable, either on the settings screen, or as a global value in LUA.
Also, consider give the line with page title full brightness. It should be fast and easy to see what page you’re on at the moment.

I played around with the contrast of dimmed sections but it never felt right. Later on, users came with a request to mark the active section in different ways.

It is possible to use a solid colour background or white bars on the side of the active section. The description can be found at: Config format description | Electra One Documentation

You can upload the config file by using Development Sandbox .

Make sure you pick “Config” in the selection list and paste following JSON snippet there. Example screenshot is enclosed below:


The activeControlSetType can be set to:

  • dim
  • background
  • bars

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