MIDI Configuration for Presets


Just a few minutes ago someone released a first version of the Micromonsta2 Preset, a Synth I own myself and is on my list of devices I want to create a preset myself.
I was happy, that I don’t have to do it myself, until I found out: Oh, it is mapped to Midi Channel 8 and 9. I use my MM2 on Midi Channels 3 and 4. What I now have to do is: Take the preset, save it into my own presets and and change the assigned midi channels. From that point on, any change that the original creator of the presets publishes won’t be useable for me without doing the same again and again.

It would be really really cool, if a preset creator could define a Device and I as user can configure that device for myself without storing it as my own preset.

For Example: The MM2 is bitimbral, so there is synth 1 and synth 2. The creator can setup his preset with those 2 devices and map their channels to 8 and 9. Now it would be awesome if I could upload the preset to my Electra One and change the configuration to Synth1 → MIDI OUT 2, Channel 3 and Synth 2 → MIDI OUT 2, Channel 4, or later, maybe map it to USB port etc. Either on the device or in the Editor. I think on the device would be better.

Best, Jens


Perfect. I was thinking about this in the past and I always came with some sort of complex solution. What you describe sound straightforward and simple. I like it. Will discuss with @Tomas.

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