Master midi channel

I just received my Electra and I love it! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m setting up a preset for the Analog Rytm and I’m encountering a problem.

The AR has 6 sets (Trig, Synth, Sample, Filter, Amp and LFO) of ~8 parameters (excluding FX). These parameters are accessible from the 12 tracks (one track per pad). Each track is associated to a midi channel. So there are 12*(6*~8) sets of parameters.

To facilitate the configuration of the preset, it would be interesting to be able to associate a “master” midi channel to each control. The value of this master would then be dynamically specified by means of a specific control (a list of 16 values). This would allow to configure the 6 sets of parameters once in the Electra editor and to change the channel during use.

This system exists in the launchpad pro and is really useful. I don’t know if it’s easy to implement but it would help a lot.


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Such a good idea ! It is very useful indeed :wink:

@pat Added on to the todo list. Thanks for suggesting!