Midi Note from USB host does not report the correct midi interface

ElectraOne MK1, Firmware 3.2.2

How to reproduce:

function midi.onNoteOn(midiInput, channel, noteNumber, velocity)
    print('Midi interface = '..midiInput.interface)
    print('USB HOST = '..USB_HOST)
    print('USB DEV = '..USB_DEV)
    print('MIDI_IO = '..MIDI_IO)


04:22:43.269 lua: Midi interface = 2
04:22:43.272 lua: USB HOST = 4.0
04:22:43.275 lua: USB DEV = 1.0
04:22:43.278 lua: MIDI_IO = 0.0

Am I doing something wrong? Last year, this used to work reporting midiInput.interface == USB_HOST. This is now different.

Or, are there any new constants not being documented? (corresponding to values 2 and 3)

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I will check that. mk2 can be optionally fitted with a WIDI module. I guess it has shifted the USB HOST. Will check and correct that.

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