Momentary Pads Sometimes Staying Lit

Firmware 2.05b
Using Electra with Logic Pro X (which I’m loving at the moment)

I’m using Pads set to Momentary to Open and Close plugs in on a Channel Strip. The Control is set to a note which I then learn within Logic. The opening and the closing of the plugs works well. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I move between tracks a Pad may get lit up and stay lit until pressed. There doesn’t seem to be any real pattern to it

Actually there is a pattern. The control is getting lit up if there is a plug in on that slot. Which is kind of useful except then because the control is lit I have to tap it to unlight it then tap it again to open the plug in

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I will try to replicate that some time next week. Will reach out if I need more info.

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Thanks Martin. For controlling the stock plugs-ins in Logic this is pretty damn awesome. I can move from track to track. Open up a plug-in, Flip to another page on electra that I use to control that plug it . Make some changes, flip back, move to an area in a track. Record arm. Start recording etc.

It really speeds up getting around logic massively.

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Get pitch bend working and youve really got a rival for pretty much any Mackie Controller

Pitchbend, as well as all other standard MIDI messages, are supported in the firmware already. I added it when working on the Lua script integration. The user interface part is missing in the editor. I hope it will be added at reasonable time.

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Just found out that Logic will allow 14-bit messages to be learned to control like fader. Set one up on Electra - Logic learns it ok but pretty quickly it locks up the electra. Rebooting the electra with the control learned results in an immediate lock up of the electra without touching any controls. You have to delete the assignment in logic then reboot the electra. Not sure if this is something funky with Logic or the electra

I spent some time in ProTools last week. It looks like it is time to visit Logic now :slight_smile: Will check this one out as well as the other things @RobinC mentioned.

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Just as a follow up for Logic Users.

In my Logic preset I use a number of momentary buttons to mimic keyboard short cuts in Logic.

So I have an edit page which has a set of buttons for each of the tools that can be assigned to the mouse or trackpad when editing a section of music

The issue I was getting is that Logic particularly when opening an existing project would “light up” some of these pads on electra. The effect of this is that I had to press the pad on electra to turn it off before I could press the pad again to activate the learned functionality

I couldn’t really understand why logic was sending feedback to the electra when all the feedback options in Logic were turned off

What I have found is that to actually turn the feedback off in Logic you have to set the drop down Feedback list to none but crucially you have to leave the tick in the Text Feedback box. If you remove the tick from the Text Feedback box (which is what I was doing) then logic will continue to send feedback

Another tip for anyone integrating electra in to a Logic setup and piggy backing mackie control messages. The control surface manual for Logic is essential reading. However, try and find the PDF for version 7 of Logic as that seems to have more details including a full midi spec and details of how logic constructs sysex messages for updating of the scribble strips on a mackie controller.

The pdf you mention here - is it “Logic 7 Dedicated Control Surface Support”? That I found at


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if you set the pad to 14 bit the problem with the lights is fixed! you only have to relearn the 14 bit key in logic

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