Video tutorial?


Is there a video tutorial for creating a new template from scratch?

Am trying to make a Logic X template but a little overwhelmed atm with how to approach it all


Logic is a funny one as it maps to electra rather than electra mapping to it.

You need to setup controls on electra for things that you want to map. Make sure that they are on different CCs etc. Then use the learn controller options in Logic to learn them

Assuming your electra is plugged directly into your Mac go to Logic Pro - Preferences - Midi - Input and untick Electra Controller Electra CTRL - this will stop logic picking up sysex messages sent from electra’s control port when you start learning controls

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Thanks for the info Robin C

Out of interest - Could i take an existing template (say one of the arturia ones) and ‘wipe’ the CCs attached to its sliders/pads etc? So basically i could have a nicely laid out template and just assign away with Logic midi learn?

Yes. There’s a consideration though. If you want MIDI feedback (where logic updates the controls on electra), Logic will only send out the feedback scaled to 127 values, which can cause issues if the template you are using uses 14-bit CCs. There are I think ways around this but it involves a fairly good understanding of Logic Control Surfaces and how they work, then making Electra mimic one of those

Just to clarify a bit further - you can’t wipe the CCs unless you replace the CCs with other CCs - logic has to learn to something sent out by electra

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Yeah i cant get Logic to learn anything with this.

I have created a basic template with 5 pads (start, stop, rewind, forward, record) all set to CC…I want the start/stop to work by just tapping the Electra knob but Logics learn does not recongise as a CC command

Really hope i can get this to work…At the moment its just an expensive controller for some Arturia vsts

Ok first off start , stop, record, I learn to midi notes - they are just on/off buttons

Maybe worth you documenting what you are doing.

I’m using my Electra with logic. Whilst I don’t use it for transport controls (don’t see the point as I still need a keyboard nearby and I know all those commands off by heart). But I do have it controling


  • a whole bunch of other stuff. I also use it in conjunction with Keyboard Maestro and having it doing things like setting up Markers with predefined name etc.

So it is all doable

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Logic Test.epr (730 Bytes)


Attached is a simple template with Play and Stop buttons. Upload that to your Electra. Then learn those two buttons in logic to the Play and Stop controls.

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Ok that works…Having the basic commands set to note helps

Yes using the Electra for solo/mutes/sends would be more useful

Thanks for taking the time to help on this

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