Firmware 1.3

Firmware 1.3 is out! Electra One now supports new control types: Envelopes and Pads. MIDI messaging has been extended with Note on/off, Program changes, Start, Stop, Tune request. Please try out our Demo preset.

Check out the detail window of envelopes (long touch) and switching of the active value (Changing active value of envelopes)

The allows you to duplicate an existing preset with the Clone function. If you want to use envelopes in your existing presets, I suggest to create a copy first with Clone and add envelopes in the new copy of the preset. It is just safer :slight_smile:

The documentation has been updated, new features are marked with the “new” label. Details can be found at Electra One online documentation .

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • ADSR / ADR / DX7 multistage envelopes added
  • Pads added
  • Note, Program, Start, Stop, Tune request MIDI messages added for Pads
  • Graphics renderer improved in terms of performance
  • Window locking improved (close symbol is shown once the window is locked)

This time a very special thank you goes to @Tomas who did the hard-work in the Preset Editor and added support for the new control types.

If you had any questions, just feel free to ask here…


Very nice upgrade thanks !
The visual envelope is an excellent addition and so is the cloning of a preset : in case one wants a preset for live situations and another preset for the same synth for studio situations it will clearly speed up the programming process to build one from the other…
Pads are a great addition too however I would personally prefer the pads to be filled with the chosen colour and the inner text black so that you see the pad really clearly, instead of always black as they are now where you hardly distinguish the colour…

Actually I realise they are filled with colour but not as dense as the faders’ colour, so if I look to the screen with an upward angle the colour disappears whereas the colour of the faders doesn’t disappear as much. I would give them the same kind of “full fill” the faders have…

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cannot get midi learn to function: Wanted to try out the new adsr env. dragged adsr sysex into an empty page, clicked attack midi learn, twisted the knob on the elektra for attack from the mks80 preset. midi learn didn’t recognize anything.

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I wanted to have switched-off pads less pronounced, but it is probably too much,. I will try to use the normal “darker” colour for the fill, as you suggest,. Will include it in 1.3.1, I am sure we will have that version soon :slight_smile:

I think it is the same issue as described at:

will try to get it fixed asap.

Wooohoooooo, looking forward to trying it out.

Nice work guys

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@markus.schloesser pls try it now. it should be fixed.

nope, doesn’t work. I’m only connected via USB.
Website looks the same as yesterday, there’s still the channel thing even though I did a reload without cache

@martin @Tomas another great update! Didn’t know it could get any better. Loving the ADSR feature. Trying to decide if I want to save space and replace 4 buttons with one ADSR or keep it for the look as well.

Love the Clone for presets too.

I can’t get toggle to save the on/off value for CC7 when I input it in the editor and send to electra. The editor shows it empty even though it already had 127 and 0 in the boxes.

CC7 Lists: Rename Options doesn’t rename from the boxes. Switch to import/export and I can rename it.

Also, is it possible to add an ADS? (Ex. Moog Model D filter envelope, soft synths)

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I’m not getting any midi out from the status bar on either port of thr E1 although I see its working from the synth. I have my synth connected directly to the E1.

For Port 2 out I can hear it changing the parameters, but it’s not showing on the synth. It previously did.

Midi In is working just fine.

I went back to firmware 0.9.12 and everything works just fine for bi-directional control. I couldn’t test the Port 2 because I created on the latest firmware.

Hi Jarvis,

I am not sure I fully understand the connections, but my guess is that you relied on the MIDI thru function. It forwards all MIDI messages coming to MIDI IN to the MIDI OUT port. As of version 1.2 the MIDI Thru is a configuration option. It is off by default and it can be enabled by sending a config file to Electra. Please see the topic below to see how to configure it.

Please, let me know if enabling MIDI Thru resolved your issue. If not, I will look at it with you.


@martin sorry I wasn’t clear with my explanation. I’m using MIDI IN and OUT from one synth to the E1. Do I still need to configure MIDI Thru?

@martin apologies for the extra ping, wasn’t sure if you had seen my post?

@jigdagod Thanks for reporting the issues. I just deployed a fix for them. Could you please verify that it works for you now?


Thanks! I’ll give it a go when I get home.

@Tomas seems to be working just fine now. Thanks again!

-Fader detail window with min and max values doesn’t go to the right side to have max values. I can get it to go to 1, but I have max values up to 64+.
-NRPN Pad can’t save MSB first. It switches back to LSB first.
-NRPN ADSR aren’t scrolling through the numbers on the synth. They jump from 0 to 127. Not sure if it has anything to do with the byte order or if it’s something else because I have MSB on a fader and it works correctly. I’m editing my Propher REV 2 preset

@martin the configuration file didn’t resolve my issue. Still not getting any MIDI OUT showing.

@jigdagod MSB first issue in Editor should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.