More than 16 Devices [SOLVED]

I am going to use the Electra in a purely hardware setup. I will use it to control synths, drummaschines and sequencers all from one dedicated place. With this in mind, I struggle with the 16 devices limit, I would really like to be able to use 16 midi channels per port instead of 16 all together. Here is an example why:

On MIDI 1 I have all my Synths attached. If I setup all my hardware I would be 1-10 Virus TI, 11-16 all my other synths. I don’t use them all all the time, but I switch between them.
So, to control my synths from the Electra, I would connect it to my Midihub, redirecting all 16ch with data to the synths.
Now to the Octatrack. To be able to control the Octatrack, The Maschine Takes CC values separated by tracks, That means: for every of the 8 tracks one channel.
My Idea was, that I would connect the Octatrack to MIDI 2, sending Data only to them.
Sometimes I want to do drums on my Model:Samples (because 8 Tracks on OT are not enough). to control the M:S (love the knobs, bot muting/unmuting tracks is bad) I would make use of the USB MIDI, connect it to the Electra and use another 6 Channels for it or use my MidiHub to map midi2 channel 9-14 to 1-6 on the Samples or configure it to work on 9-14 or something like that.

So it would be really great, if we could be able to use more than one 16-set of midi devices from the Electra!

Thanks. Jens

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Hi, the limit of 16 devices is there for the performance reasons. Electra is not only sending the MIDI data but it also reads the incoming messages, updates the values accordingly, and maintains a map of all parameter values for each device. This limit, however, was put in place in the past and I feel that the firmware can handle more data now. I will extend the number of devices to 32 - meaning that each MIDI port will support all 16 channels.


That sounds great! Thanks a ton!

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Thank you! I’ve also got this issue.

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2x16 devices supported as of version 1.4


Could it be that the documentation is still mentioning 16 devices?

“Electra can handle up to 16 simultaneously connected devices”


will fix the docs. 32 devices is supported since 1.4