Multiple Instruments at once?

Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere. For some reason I thought that we could control multiple devices at once. It looks like we can control one instrument at the time and then have to load a different preset if we want to control another one? Am I doing something wrong or is this how it’s designed?

A preset can have up to 32 devices at once. If you wanted to combine several presets together, you have to use copy & paste to transfer the controls from one preset to another and then adjust settings of the devices. It is not optimal we will add a better way in future.


I have presets that control multiple tracks on my virus (up to 12 Midi Channels) as well as the Octatrack and the Rytm. You can assign an Output-Port and a Midi-Channel-Number to every single Control you place on the screen, so you should be able to have 2 chains of 16 Instruments per MIDI Out Port.

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