App Midi Channels [SOLVED]

Happy New Year!

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but thought this the most appropriate Category to post in.

I’ve been playing around with the editor to get more of a feel for the configuration side of things to see if the Electra One is suitable for my set-up and noticed that it’s only possible to select Channels 1- 8 for both Midi Port 1 and 2 - is this just because I haven’t got an Electra One attached?

It was possible to use channels above 8 but we kept there a limit of using max 16 channels across both IO ports. This limit has been overcome with the firmware version 1.4. Electra can now support all 2x16 channels simultaneously.

@martin ahhh I see, thanks for the explanation.

Simply can’t wait until you have them back in stock!