Morphing between snapshots of a preset

As the title says and mentioned by @Abbes some time ago in the forum, it would be another Electra killer feature to morph between two snapshots of a preset. Maybe with a MIDI CC knob/slider to give complex movements to a song/performance/sound and be recorded in a DAW.

You would save the before and end state in two snapshots, select them for a morph and then control the morph position or set a timer to morph automatically.


We could then name the E1 , The He-One !

Indeed :joy:
Continuing the Electra Saga:


I use the snapshots with MIDI CCs mapped to VST presets in my Bitwig template and it works well. Morphing only the changed controls (plus my Ambika synth SysEx) on the Electra would be something not possible in Bitwig or in any other way?! Automating all CCs is an exhausting undertake and no way to play with morphs instantly.

I found some old Lemur MIDI morphers, but the software is not active anymore. Maybe TouchOSC can do it too.