Tip: Prev/next Electra preset/page via PC keyboard in Bitwig

I have found a nice little trick to cycle through the pages (or other commands) of an Electra preset via the PC keyboard in Bitwig. On the master track you can use a Button modulator on the MIDI CC device to send a CC message via HW Instrument to the CTRL Port of the Electra.

Than map some PC keyboard keys to the buttons… To get it to work, set the button mappings to “Toggle Mode” in the mappings browser and only modulate a value of 1 via the CCs.

On the Electra side you have to configure the CCs for the corresponding command via app.electra.one/electra > Configuration

I use it for fast page switching via F5 and F6 keys when in Bitwig :slight_smile:

Its a good workaround for this feature request: Select next or previous preset page - #9 by shankar