Morphing between patches? Any experience?

Wouldn’t it be great we could morph between any 2 patches for a synth with a decent MIDI implementation using the E1?

There is a bit of memory management to be done (for every parameter the E1 has to know the value of part A, part B and the temporary value), but that is quite easy to do. The hard part is to get musical results along the way.

Opening or closing a filter along the morph path will sound good, but gradually changing semi-tones settings from 8’ to 4’ will outright sound very, very bad.

So what experience do you guys have with morphing?
Are there parameters we better ignore when doing a morph?
Are there parameters we better let jump from one value to the other while morphing?

Or should we have like multiple morph modes, ranging from a musical morph but not resulting in a faithful part B simulation, over a correct morph where parameters jump along the way, to a arithmetically correct morph but with very weird intermediate results?

On what instruments does morphing sound right?


Hello !
I am building a set live with morphing.
I experiment it since month now. I love that.
I do that using Clyphx pro , E1 , Ableton And Plugins.

thing is more or less great, weird, original or broken regarding witch plugin i use.

Switch more often bring a “jump in the sound” contrary to continuous parameters , like filter, delay time, osc, etc.

It’s really a one by one test . Most of the time it’s really interesting.

Regarding Ableton , we are limited to 127 parameters per devices.
For some it’s anough to really morph between one patch to another.
For some other it’s a way to " join" the sounding of another patch but not to get to it totaly.

What is really excting is the “in between” sounding. Most of the time when you morph between 2 sets of multiple of parameters , you discover sound that is really interesting to morph in a musical/rythmical way .
I really enjoy it . My goal is to make my set as morpheable as possible . To inspire, and compose differently as the straighforward maner.
Having the E1 is already a great way to make morphing thanks to clyphx.
Of course having The E1 control all the parameters this way could be awesome. !! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Again, I want to achieve exactly the same. I wonder if I could just create a small LUA script that interpolates between values (so basically a damper) so that it always damps between value changes.

If anyone has a better idea of course it would be great to be able to select a snapshot and it morphs to the new settings. Obviously would only really work for sliders, but that’s fine.


Patch morphing would be awesome! But seems to like a distant goal if we don’t yet have the ability to send more than one message per control without scripting.

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