Save Devices to reuse in other Presets?

Pardon me if I (again) have missed something in the concept of devices.
I thought I could save a “device” and recall it from any preset I’m editing. Maybe this is what “instrument files” are for ?

Here’s my current example for the sake of clarity :
My plan is to make one Preset for each Song that I perform live. Each song is an Ableton Live Set. In each song, I want only a selection of Ableton Live instruments or fx to be displayed and accessed from the E1. So I figured I could make a “Operator” device, a “Simpler” device, etc, that I could drop in the Preset.

You probably want to create a single Ableton instrument file that has controls for all features like Operator, Simpler etc. Then you import that instrument file into a new preset, and drag and drop the controls you want into the preset. I am yet to poke around with instrument files but I think you can only add one per preset.

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Yeah you must be right !
I’d be happy to look into the creation of instrument files, but I can’t find any documentation about it…

I think Ableton does not save midi cc bindings on a preset level, only for the whole Live set… If you want to use macro controls per track it will work dynamically for 8 macros (via user remote script, 16 macros of live 11 are not supported at the moment).

Maybe something like CyphX Pro + the binding extrension will help you, but at the moment this solution is not compatible with the new Ableton Live 11 version… (only live 10, they are working on it though).