Multiple requests interference

when sending several request to my Elektron Analog 4 (one sound dump per track, 4 tracks) (same issue with Digitone 4 tracks), the last request’s response interfere with the first one. Is this possible to wait for the first response to send the following request to avoid that?

Here we can clearly understand the bad behavior:

  • line 1: request for the sound on track 1
  • line 2: track 1 response is being received (only 285 bytes)
  • line 3: request for the sound on track 2
  • lines 4,5,6, invalid arrays (not starting with F0) belonging to response 1 (285+48+48+34=415 bytes)
  • line 7: correct response for track 2 (415 bytes)

Any work around other than doing the requests in LUA?

Many thanks. Have a nice day!!