Freeze on param send request to Octatrack via CC61

Received E1 earlier this week (so 1.5) and it’s marvelous! BUT:

I have an Octatrack Mk1 connected via midi1in/out, tracks 1-7 mapped to ch1-7. Helpfully (because sysex scares me) the OT will respond with values for all track CC parameters if you send it CC61 (‘send request’).

I’ve mapped a button on the E1 to send cc61… I’d say about 4 out of 5 times this freezes the E1. 1/5 it works.

Two logs from E1 console attached - one for when it froze the E1 and one for when it didn’t. Also attached is midiox output from the OT when the CC61 is sent (am not sure why every row repeated).

Looking at the E1 console logs it looks logical for Ch1 and 2 but strange things seem to start happening once it gets midway through ch3 - showing cc numbers that don’t exist (max is 56). On the ‘frozen’ log last line I can see there’s data 2 value over 127 which seems to have frozen the E1 - I took a few different logs and this happens in every one.

Is this my OT doing something weird or is it the E1? Or both! :thinking:


OT cc61 (8.5 KB)

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Hi @Jake,

Will look at that during the weekend. @SmartBits also experienced and reported a freeze. So there is something to hunt.

Thanks for the logfiles. It always helps to have them. If you can, send me the preset too. Or a link to it.


Cool, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: ‘WIP’ epr is attached. cc61 button is red ‘request all’, bottom right page 1. OT & A4.epr (19.6 KB)

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