New [Preset] : Korg KingKorg with patch request

Yesterday , I completed V1.0 of this new preset.

Wtih the original CC-implementation of this Korg, you are never quite sure if it is affecting one or both timbres and if the CC-assignments haven’t been changed, so I decided to go fully for the more extended SysEx.

As a result the preset is able to control both timbres A and B separately. But I’ve provided a “A => B link” pad on the Timbre A pages with which you can have Timbre B hooked onto Timbre A and doing the same tweaks.

Another KingKorg peculiarity is that you cannot only select a specific program (with its two timbres), but also a specific timbre. You’ll find therefor two select modes on the first page.

More functionalities are to come!

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Version 2 is available:

  • Patch request is automated when selecting another program
  • Arpeggiator section with its own transpose buttons
  • Performance section added

Have fun!