Signal flow and patch retrieval

Hey there all, my intention for the MKII was to connect and be able to change all of my synths patches at once for songs and to also potentially use global sweeps and fx. More importantly though to change all of the patches at once or at one place which is the mkii.

My gear: tr8s, novation bass station II, deep mind 12 and I use an arturia keystep pro to séquence.

How can this work with the MKII in the chain of signal? And also, how and what do I need in order to be able to see and control all of my synths patches from the Electra? I tried the patch retrieval with my Korg Monologue and it didn’t work though maybe I wired it wrong.

Any help and correct info would you a long way. Thanks so much

Both questions are unrelated.

For the first, it looks like you want to build you own mega Program Change so with one fader or with two buttons you want to send various program changes to different instruments.

For this you should make at least one virtual fader, and add specific lua logic to it.

In lua you should also foresee an array for each synth, where the postion in the array corresponds to the chosen program in the Mega control, and the value corresponds with the program change you want to send for that synth .

Next, you will need to make a lua function, called by that fader, that will find the right value in each of the arrays and sends it as a midi program change to the right synth.

Time to learn some lua, I’d say.

For the second: what preset are you using?

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Thanks for the response,

I don’t even know which preset to use on the Electra I just bought it and have nothing loaded on it really yet.

I can understand the menus and buttons and faders but I don’t know what preset to load for this kind of work.

Or you create a preset for yor monologue yourself, or you look in the published presets if there is one that suits your needs.with a bit of luck you find one for one of your devices and you start there. That’s easier than starting from scratch

I have no monologue myself

To be honest I don’t care about the MONO as much as I care to be able to see all other synths and to be able to master control them as you said earlier. I mentioned the MONO just to say that I tried to connect my Electra with a synth and press the send receive patch info and nothing happened.

The Electra as you buy it is an empty instrument and will not do anything of its own.
You need to create your own presets for it, or you download those of others and adapt them to your environment.

Ok, I definitely understand this way more clearly now and I get it. I’m not shy to learning what I need to learn. I guess I needed some hints as to what to look for to learn and read up on. I’d like to find presets for my synths and then learn to create or find a master control preset. Anything will help to get me going.

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Good luck on your journey:-)