Korg Triton EXB MOSS preset - first look

Over the past week, I have been working on my Triton rack to create a preset for just the MOSS card, which was the primary reason why I bought the synth in the first place. While it is still very much a work-in-progress, I wanted to share it in the hope that I could get some feedback on the distribution of its features/controls across 12 pages. You can find the preset here: Electra One App

Pasting here the description I have in the preset page as well:

Works only on the current patch on the synth, and DOES NOT pull patch parameters from the synth yet. I am planning to work on the patch definition and instrument file over the weekend. Hoping to finish it in the next 2-3 days. Fingers crossed!

While all pages and controls have been mapped and tested with correct sysex, all controls which can hold negative values only work on the positive side. Issue discussed here.

I have been selective with the controls and pages since MOSS has a ton of parameters! (much more than 432).

I have also skipped many oscillator types and focused mainly on the physical modeling oscillators like organ, e-piano, brass, reed, plucked string and bowed string.

How to use:

  1. Please don’t use on any preset you care for! :).
  2. First, navigate to INT-F on the synth using its physical controls.
  3. Set the channel on preset page 1 (this is mapped to every sysex message).
  4. Only exception is the program select fader on preset page 1, which requires midi channel to be set on the control itself.
  5. Hit the Edit pad in preset page 1 to navigate to program edit mode.

I will update this description with more details on included features very soon.


Brilliant! That’s quite some work :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It has been fun doing this in Electra. I have spent far more time with the device than I anticipated and loving it :slight_smile:. Already gearing up for my next synth: either the K5000 or Arturia CS-80 V Collection :slight_smile:

K5000! (being a bit selfish) :blush: :innocent::innocent:

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haha! aye aye sir :slight_smile:. Mostly I will begin K5000 in a day or two since that’s the more challenging anyway.

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@markus.schloesser, @martin - beginning K5000 :slight_smile: : Electra One App.

Update: just with the macro controller and the arpeggiator on Electra, I was having fun jamming for like an hour. Feels like I have unlocked my K5000 suddenly! :slight_smile:


Did you use my version as template?
Yours looks a lot better! :blush:

Lol, thanks! I shamelessly got ‘inspired’ by the ctrlr panel here: Kawai K5000 Macro Controller (GUI, help request) – Ctrlr

I just transposed the controls so that control groups like harmonic, formant, envelope etc. are laid out horizontally instead of vertically as in the original device.

@markus.schloesser, @martin - after some evaluation of K5000’s sysex implementation, I am probably going to postpone for a week or two. Naturally there are a lot of features, but also complexities that may require us to chat a bit in detail. I may also like to bounce off some preset design ideas off of you both. Apart from the sheer abundance of controls due to 6 additive sources, I also notice an unfortunate sysex limitation in that it can only transmit param changes one harmonic at a time, and not as a harmonic group, even though the synth itself supports harmonic groups in its interface.

TL;DR; k5000 after a break, while I focus on two things:

  1. Build a pair of presets for Triton MOSS that will give much more comprehensive coverage of its features.
  2. Do a softsynth preset to get accustomed to that (perhaps the CS-80V or one of the other Arturias)

@cixelsyd, I realize I didn’t tag you earlier here. As another like-minded soul having both K5000 and Triton, maybe you will be interested to chat as well :slight_smile:.

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Always good. I’m still working on my plg150an but almost done. Just got back from a week away.

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Would the preset for your MOSS board also work (maybe with a few tweaks) for the Korg Prophecy? I don’t have many hardware synths that use MIDI (mostly CV/gate) but ever since I saw the E1 I figured it would be a very good editor for my Prophecy. But as I know little about Sysex and JSON it would be quite a challenge to build a preset or instrument file myself…

I am gonna check out the Prophecy midi implementation to see how much overlap is there. If they are a bit similar, I am very happy to help setup a preset and work with you to make it work for you :slight_smile:.

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Great, thanks! I’ve already scanned your preset a bit and there are a lot of familiar names. :wink:
I’d presume they won’t be too different from each other, and a Z1 for that matter.

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