Newbie questions

Spent an evening with the Electra and making good progress - got a nice Logic template in development and having fun with some of the custom made templates. A really cool and useful piece of kit. I do have a few questions/niggles which i hope someone can help with -

Is there a way of making the knob scroll quicker from 0-127? Like more sensitive/responsive?

Trying to find uses for the tappy element at the top of the knob pots (other than page select). Do they send any midi info? Cant seem to get it working

Can the Electra faders be adjusted to vertical instead of horizonal?

The Arturia Juno template only seems to work with certain parameters. Like the chorus and FX (delay) dont work and unresponsive when looking at them on the VST (whilst adjusting on the Electra) Am i missing something obvious?

Many thanks

I have arturia v collection but the v6 version, so no juno. However they all work more or less the same. Are you aware about the midi learn functionality in all arturia vsts? That you can change them yourselves, and you can store these new assignments as your own preferred set up? In any case, do check if your arturia midi cc settings correspond to the one of the electra preset. If not, you need or to change the midi assignments of the electra via the electra midi learn to the ones in your vst (but there is a risk not all parameters in the vst already have an assigned midi cc), or you need to adapt the arturia midi settings to correspond with the ones from electra and store it as a midi setup within the arturia vst. The latter is preferable.


Thanks Newlgnis…I am kind of learning on the go with assigning key commands/midi learn etc since getting this device…Will look into the midi learn aspect of the Arturia stuff - should be a quick fix in that case!

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