Next Electra OS

Just a bit curious. What is planned for the next Electra OS version?

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I want to be very careful here as circumstances in my private life still greatly affect any time sensitive planning. The features on the top of the list are:

  1. Add support for MIDI 2.0 so that Electra One can act as a proxy, translating (current, eg sysex) parameters to MIDI 2.0 properties.

  2. Finalize a new internal router with more routing options and filtering.

  3. Add management for files on the internal storage (especially Lua modules)

  4. Make it possible to daisy-chain the controllers (E1 or even other controllers connected to the USB host port)

  5. Make it possible for users to create custom controls (as the solution to unlimited number of envelopes, selectors, xy pads, etc)

These are big things. Next to that I am working through a list of smaller features from the forum.

Electra One has now a second developer. He is working on the new editor / librarian application in parallel to all above.

We definitely want to roll some bigger changes out before we leave for the Superbooth 2024.

On the “issue” side of things, the top priorities are:

  1. Make sure the USB host can accept multiple USB devices
  2. The rate of outgoing message can be safely limited (for older gear)
  3. Firmware updates do not rely only on USB disk mode (there are issues with some Windows computers) and whole thing needs to be improved.

Looking forward to finally rate outgoing nrpn/sysex messages to the Ambika synth :upside_down_face: