No request accepted by the instrument / multiple kind of sysex messages (RESOLVED)

I’m trying to enhance this preset Roland JUNO 106 preset

If I look at that page JUNO-106 CONNECTION I believe that I could make the E1 to receive sysex messages from the JUNO. The request won’t work (there is no such a thing for the Juno as far as I know) but when I move a slider or click on a switch on the JUNO it actually sends a Sysex message.

For instance for the CCs:

  • moving the LFO rate slider will send for exemple:
  • F0 / 41(roland ID) / 32 (Message Type: CC / 01 (midi channel 2) / 00 (a parameter number, here, the LFO rate) / a 7 bits value for this parameter between 0 & 127 / F7

Changing the patch number on the JUNO is also sending a sysex message as described here

I’d like the E1 to understand both kind of messages. How would you do it? Everything by the request/response mapping editor (then how? I’m at ease for now with it), or by coding the whole stuffs in LUA?

In general, how do you deal with instruments that do not accept request but are able to send sysex messages?

I figured it out. It’s actually easy (at least with the Juno). I just did a response per Juno’s fader or switch, and a bigger one for the patches’ one. I used the instrument’s mapping tool for that. I found the JSON edition really handy to speed up the process, copy pasting and changing only response’s name, parameterNumber, and bytes of course.

Almost everything is in working order, but I think I’m facing a bug regarding lists parameters. Values are well retrieved when different to 0, but they are not when equal to 0. I’m going to write another topic about that in the Bug reports’ discussions.

Have a nice day!