Non-continuous range of values

Hi Martin,

I was wondering in the Controller-v3.5 app:

Is it possible to have a non-continuous range of values (defined in a Text Overlay). It seems that I have to fill in MIN MIDI VALUE and MAX MIDI VALUE, and it results in all intermediate values to being part of the resulting range. I was hoping to be able to specify (say) 0, 3,10, 127 in a Text Overlay, and NOT have 1,2,4,5 etc. as possible values in the MIDI output. I might miss something though :wink:.

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Hi, a List control has been designed to provide means to send/receive discrete values instead of continuous range of values (fader). Is there anything that prevents you from using a list?

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The only thing preventing me has been my ignorance. :roll_eyes:
Thanks Martin, a list will do!