Continuous vs discreet faders

  1. I suspect I’m missing something very obvious but I can’t see in the schema how you set whether a fader should be discreet or continuous. In this example I want to have a pitch dial which for sake of argument is numbered as semitones and goes -3 to +3 but for which the midi values go from 0-127. How do I allow non integer semitones to be selected? At the moment I get only the discreet integer values when turning the dial.

  2. On the topic of integers - I’m making a minimoog patch for the iPad version of the synth (mainly to get something I can post quickly to wrap my head around things) and I want to have a fader which starts at -2.5 and ends at +2.5 - in the editor things get rounded up to the nearest integer (presumably) because on device they seem to get rounded down (so writing the file myself results in missing the last 0.5 on either end). The result of not supporting non-integer values is that the numbers on the Electra don’t actually match those on the synth unless I limit the range to +/- 2 and limit the midi values accordingly (and thus the range of the dial).

Hi @michaelslater, welcome here.

For faders electra works with the concept of midi values and the display values. The midi value is what is send / received over the midi. The display value is what is shown on the display. User can define the min and max for both types of values. The midi value range is required while the display value range is optional. When the display value range is not set, a display value will be identical to the midi value.

The translation is done as the calculation that returns an integer. I can imagine that the preset format would be extended in the future so that it would be possible to specify number of decimal places.

What I saw that user do when they want to have franctions now is that they overide the calculated display value with an overlay. ie. they provide the fader with a list of lables, eg. “-2.5”, that are mapped to particular midi values. The sam can be done by using the list type of control.

just a heads up. It is still beta, but latest beta allows users to write their own function to format the display value - Value formatting. If it was too cryptic for you I am ready to help.