Overlay ordering of items 'wrong' [SOLVED]

Hi @martin ,

I see that the Electra One console (not the Web Editor), does sort the overlay based on the MIDI value of it’s items. This goes unnoticable when the MIDI value is the same (order) as its index, but when you have a list like this (below), the fader shows the items in order of MIDI value, instead of the index value.

Is this indended behaviour, or could it be labeled as a ‘bug’?

FW v1.5.7

Hi Joris, I need a little bit more info. I am not sure If I understand what you mean. Just created the the same list as you sent. Used it for a fader and a list. It seems to work fine. Then I changed the order on purpose so that the MIDI values not not follow the order of the index. Still seems to be ok. Please describe it a little bit more. Thx.

Sorry for being unclear. I’ll try again.

I made a fader with and overlay like this in Web Editor:

#index “label” (midi value)
#1 “A” (3)
#2 “B” (2)
#3 “C” (1)
#4 “D” (0)

This how it is now:
This shows as a fader on console, with position full left (0%), labeled as “D”. When I increase the fader, it shows “C” (33%), then “B” (66%), end finaly “A” (fader full right, 100%).

This is what I would expect:
I would expect it to show fader, with position full right (100%), labeled as “D” (because of no-default, thus 0 as midi value). When I fully decrease the fader (position full left), label would show “A” (fader 0%), then “B” (fader 33%), then “C” (fader 66%) , end finaly “D” (fader full right, 100%).

My guess is that you order it on MIDI value, and you seem to forget the original order (on index).
(I now, an assumption :blush:)

Hope that this is more clear. If not, let me know, I’ll share the preset.

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no preset needed I get it now.

It is inteded to work this way. The faders operate within given continuous range (between min and max value). For them the overlay is just a way to translate certain values from the numeric form to a text label. The order is not taken in account here.

This is different with lists. As they are lists of discreete values, Electra keeps them in the order defined by the user, not the MIDI value.

Do you have any specific reason why you prefer using fader for this? List seems to be a better way to go, but I do not now the what you are trying to achieve. Let me know. Thx.

Ah, you are right, my bad. It is indeed clearly stated in the documentation. I forgot all about lists (as faders do use overlays as well). It is very clear now, and I like the distinction. Thanks for your time.

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