Overlay label items gets missed sometimes

I have noticed that sometimes when I send a preset to Electra, it misses showing an overlay label item. Like, as I skim through each item via the control knob, one of those values will be blank. If I re-send the preset to Electra, it gets corrected. I don’t have a picture of the issue handy but I wanted to file the bug report when I remember. Will post a picture when I see it again.

@shankar is this still valid? I tried to replicate that but never managed to get the behaviour you described.

@martin, I haven’t seen this one either over the last few builds. Let’s close this out. I will report later if at all I see it again.

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@martin, ran into this one after a while. Here is a video that shows the behavior: WeTransfer

I restarted the device and the issue goes away. Attaching the preset json as well:

Yamaha RM50 Patch.epr (146.6 KB)

I don’t think this one is going to be easy to catch and fix, but just wanted to share it as I ran into it.

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I’m running into this issue quite often after updating to the latest firmware. I’ve been using a large amount of list labels (0-99) to have precise control over values that don’t translate well with the faders. The missing labels are completely random, and resending the patch fixes it but often times I’ll have another missing label on some other parameter. I’ve had this happen with lists containing only a few settings too.