Fader overlay doesn't work past 255 [SOLVED]

I have an envelope sustain control that goes from 0 to 255 and then value 256 is HOLD.
I can set a fader to sweep through 0 to 256 no problems.
If I try to add an overlay at value 255, it says HOLD when I go to 255.
If I try to add an overlay at value 256, it says HOLD when I go to 0

Any MIDI value greater than 255 sets the overlay test position to 0

@oldgearguy, I am currently on the business trip. Will be back in the my workshop on Wednesday. Will review it then. Are you on the latest firmware? (2.1.0)

Yes, firmware 2.30, OS 2.1.0

Also - don’t know if this is new, but every time I unplug the Electra One from my Windows 10 computer, it crashes Windows.

Doesn’t happen for me. What’s the bsod code?
As Electra is class compliant it uses the inbuilt windows USB driver

I’ll check when I get back home in front of the machine.

I thought that problem had come up before, but it may have been with the Torso T-1 …
But the Electra has been consistent in crashing it the last few times I had it connected.
It’s on an Intel NUC, Windows 10, using the USB 3 port.

On screen all I have is the QR code and “your device ran into a problem and needs to restart”

NOTE - I had VMWare Player running previously because I was doing some work with Perl/hex files/Python and the VMWare Service was likely still running in the background

In the EventViewer, there’s a bit more

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: ipString

Wait Workflow Commands request from device.

Start Server …

Host.AddressList.Length: 4

That’s not it (probably). Look for a critical event in event viewer (either administrative events our under system).
It will take in the form of 0x000xxxxx.
Also VMware could try using the USB connection to the Elektra if you have the host add-ons installed

I wanted to doublecheck before responding.
The only critical errors are “kernel-power” errors for the crash itself. No other application/system type critical messages.

I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it reoccurs. I uninstalled VMWare since my need for it has passed, so we’ll see if that has any effect.

We run two topics here :slight_smile:

The easier one is the overlay. I prepared a fix and I am waiting for @oldgearguy to confirm if it works for him.

The Windows / VMware. I have NUC with Win 10 on it around, I will give it a try too.

Setting the Text overlay to use the word “hold” on value 256 works perfectly now.

thanks for the quick response on this and other reports.