6 operator DX / TX support bi directional patch info?

I have a Tx802 specifially but wondering if the 6 op machines support patch info back to the Electra.

@lobit, yes they do support that. The patch reading must be, however, implemented in the preset. At this moment I know only about TX7 preset have that feature supported.

Fortunately, @DanFor joined Electra community. He is a true FM synth wizzard, I will work with him to get those synths covered.

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does that mean the TX7 preset posted will work, or that each different 6op synth needs it own unique patch request code?

If the sysex messaging is identical with TX7, it will work. If there are differences, it will fail to request the data or to parse the values correctly. @DanFor mentioned the following in another thread:

@DanFor - Do I get it right when I assume these synths use the same sysex implementation then?

Basic voice (patch) data have the same format for all DX/TX/TF 6-OP instruments. That means VCED format (1 patch) and VMEM format (32 patches bank) are the same. What is different are Function (DX7 Mk 1, TF1) and Performance (DX1/5, DX7 II, DX7s, TX802) data blocks, there’s no compatibility between models. New generation has also some additional data blocks for additional patch parameters (ACED/AMEM), system data and micro tuning, and can use Universal Bulk Dump format (which has some ASCII ID in header, starting with LM__xxxxyy).
But individual Parameter Change and Remote Switch commands can differ, so if they were used for remote editing, there’s no compatibility…

I’ve just finished mapping all the controls into a preset for the TX81Z. @DanFor So, to send and receive the voice parameters, we have to add buttons to the Electra preset and program them to send the SysEx messages back and forth? I’m still figuring out how to send patches back and forth to the device. @martin Are the [PATCH REQUEST] and [SAVE] buttons on the device not working yet? I didn’t see any information going to the Console app when pressing [SAVE]

[PATCH REQUEST] does work. If the patch object of the preset has the request definitions, they will be sent upon pressing the button.

[SAVE] button is kind of reserved for saving patches in the future. ie. saving values of the controls/parameters. Currently pressing the button triggers a transmission of the preset to the host in sysex format. It was added there only for debugging purposes.

I see the other thread on that, I’ll read up.


Got it working on the TX81Z! It was a slog. See here.