Pulse 2 preset Patch request causes crash on mkII

Hi All,
First off I’m new here so a couple prefaces: I’m finding the setup on this thing pretty confusing and am not sure if I have things routed the correct way, although the preset generally seems to be working, the midi routing page in the web editor may as well be written in a different language for me, It’s set to the defaults, no idea if that is correct.

The only way I could get it to work was to connect the Pulse 2 to the E1mkii via usb, and I have a midi DIN out from my midi controller to Midi In 1 on the E1mkii. This works for the most part, but when I hit the “patch request” button in the preset it causes the E1mkii to stop responding and to stop passing midi data. The device has to be restarted to start working again.

I know this is a user preset so support for this problem may be complex, but I hope someone may be able to help me out with this?

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**Update, the problems still occurs using only DIN midi connections. The E1mkii is responsive, but no control values can be set and no midi data is passed from inputs to outputs.

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Quickly typing from phone: you probably have a midi loop (happens to the best of us :innocent::joy:), try disconnecting passthough (don’t remember exact name) in the routing menu for the port the pulse is connected to

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Hi @patchen,

just to make sure. Are you using this preset: PULSE 2 w/ patch parsing NewIgnis V1.4?

For start I would suggest (and you did that I assume from your “update” message) to connect Pulse with DIN connectors only.

That preset requires the following settings on Pulse 2 side:

  • MIDI channel = 15
  • Device ID = 0 (needed for SysEx, another ID will not yield expected results)
  • TX parameter = Ctrl + SysEx

This can be adjusted but for the start I would begin with that settings. When you have this set and you press the [Patch Request] button on E1, does the MIDI OUT 1 indicator flash? If it does the patch dump request is transmitted to your Pulse. If Pulse is configured correctly, you the MIDI IN 1 should flash almost instantly too. If it does, it means that Pulse responded with the parameter dump message.

Please let me know if you can get to this point. In the meantime I will reach @NewIgnis - the guy behind this preset - to see what may go wrong there.


Hi @martin and greetings @NewIgnis,

Yes, the Pulse 2 is setup as specified, and soft thru is off there as well. Yes, I’m using the version of the preset you linked. I’ve tried different permutations of the midi routing in the web app to no avail. What happens is this:


  1. Press patch request button (only touchscreen works, cannot touch knob)

2. All midi ports flash briefly, then are permanently dark until device is power cycled.

  1. Pulse 2 is set to a new, unrelated preset to the one it was on before. (My test presets are in the 480-499 range but it gets set to i.e. 5 after the button press)

  2. E1mkii menu pages and navigation are operable but none of the controls in the preset work.


  1. Before pressing the patch request button the preset seems to operate normally with all controls affecting the synth in expected ways.

  2. When Midi out on the Pulse2 is disconnected the freeze no longer happens, however it is still set to a new patch # for some reason.

@martin It would be helpful for me to know, as a new user, how to setup the midi routing page. I feel like I’m not clear on that point and it seems like an important one.

For example I would like to have the following setup:
Midi in and out to controlled synth, with another midi input coming from a keyboard controller to be merged with that data. However, I don’t see any clear way to do this from the routing page. Do you think you could shed some light on this for me?

Some things first.

The observations below are for Mk1.

  1. There has been a change in the code due to one of the latest firmware upgrades for Mk1. That results in repeated controls being played as many times as they occur in the preset.
    The most noticeable result is when you do a +1 Patch Request the E1 now moves 3 presets instead of one.
    It is not limited to this preset but to all presets where I have patch requests pads.
    A tad annoying, but that should not stop it from working.

  2. Due to another change in the way delays are dealt with currently, the preset parsed on the screen might be the wrong one. @martin has devised a fix for it, so as soon as this is available , I’ll be able to fix that as well. Again, this is not a blocking issue. But it might force you to push the patch select button once again to get all controls in sync with the synth.

  3. I have my E1 Mk1 connected to the Pulse via DIN MIDI in both directions

FYI, here’s my routing setup on the E1 Mk1, with which it all works

In any case, pushing the upper right button should do a partial patch request (no name parsing) as well.

I’ll be upgrading my preset a little and keep you posted.

Thank you @NewIgnis for this, my routing screen is set the same way FWIW. Turns out I was hitting the +1 patch button from the OSC page. I didn’t see the more complete section on the performance screen. So, the +1 is the one that is causing the crash, request patch, hardware button and -1 don’t seem to be causing the same problem.

The patch request buttons (hard and soft) seem to be doing something but not working consistently. Do you have to match the bank and patch number in all cases or just for the soft button and does it work with patches that have been saved but not named?

Many thanks,

**I"m really thankful for you work on these. Looking forward to putting this and the blofeld editor to good use. :slight_smile:

Hi @patchen
This was an older preset, and in the meantime some of the coding in it is being interpreted differently.
I overhauled the preset completed, and published it again as V1.5beta
Can you check it under MkII ?

@Martin For it to work under MK1, I’ve used the beta flush-command. So it probably may not work yet on regular Mk1 FW, that why I noted it as beta.