Pickup cc feedback

Hi I just found a curious behaviour with novation summit.

It has a pickup option so that values don’t snap to a new value when you move a control which does not correspond to an actual button position until you cross that actual value.

When using this feature I get a strange behaviour with electra one visual feedback. If I sweep really slowly on the summit everything is fine, but if I sweep faster I loose the visual feedback on the electra, which fix the parameter value while the physical control stops to affect the actual value and starts to mess with the pick up value ?

Of course if I disable pickup everything is fine.

I 'll also ask novation about that because it seems that’s the summit pickup which is causing this bug but just in case anyone has any idea… :face_with_monocle:

If controls could have feedback from another midi port it could probably prevent this…( Feature request ? :smiley: )