Display feedback bug

Hi. Sometimes, when I map a control to a plugin, I get the following weird behaviour:

• I map the knob to a parameter
• when I move the plugin’s knob with my mouse, the Electra One screen updates the value on it’s display correctly. When I do this, the “USB MIDI” text on E1’s display is brighter (indicating, it sends USB?)
• when I turn the knob on Electra One, I get jumps: the parameter goes from 40 to 41 but jumps back to 40 immediately after that. This goes back and forth so I can’t move the plugin knob unless I turn very fast. Going down results in a different behaviour: now I get jumps that are too big: I get jumps of two instead of one (40 goes to 38, 36, 34 instead of 39, 38, 37).

I suppose this happens, because the MIDI feedback from the plugin (used to update E1’s display values) gets resend to the plugin, resulting in a feedback loop: I move E1’s knob, the plugin sends MIDI data back to indicate it’s current state and then E1 sends this data back to the plugin resulting in a counter movement.

I use FW 0.9.12 now and it was the same with 0.9.11

@aurex, yeah, this is definitely caused by the feedback loop. I am not sure now, however, how to prevent that without affecting the desired functionality. I will think about it.

and yes, the flickering of port labels indicates MIDI data activity.