Broader range of "jump-point"

Hello. When programming CC’s for a plugin (using lists), I noticed the plugin needs value 80 to switch a button, but sends back value 79 to the controller. The problem is that when I program Electra One to send value 80, the virtual knob turns but it doesn’t work the other way: when I turn the virtual knob with my mouse, the Electra One display shows a red square around the parameter because value 79 isn’t recognised (and jumps back to the default minimum value).

I know the problem is the plugin, but I think there will be more plugins that could send back a wrong value (0-127 vs 1-128). Anybody knows a workaround?

A possible solution would be to have a separate value for input and output but I agree that complicates things a tiny bit. However, not being able to map plugins perfectly would be much worse I think.

Hi there, fully understood, I will think about how this could be resolved. Just for my reference, what plugin is doing that?


Hi Martin. I have this problem with Elysia Phil’s Cascade but suspect other plugin’s can have this problem too.

All the knobs that have ‘jumping values’ (grid / resonance / filter) can’t be mapped correctly (they’re sending and expecting a different cc value with a difference of one. For example Grid S2 needs to receive value 80 to move the knob but sends back value 79, resulting in a red box on the One display).

Thanks. Regards, Stef