Pots and other [SOLVED]

Hi all! Good to be here! I literally have EO for a few hours wit I’m experiencing few troubles. I wonder if it’s fault of the unit. Oh I hope not. First of all if I press menu plus 3 button, to put EO to sleep I can’t wake it up. Only usb out helps. Second after a new start pots just not working and I have to take out usb couple of times to hope they’ll start to work again. Usually after 3-4 times of in and out movement they start. And also when I slightly press on pots they make this cracking sound like cellar tape removed… does anyone experience same things with new EO? Newest firmware, Mac m1 latest OS. Plugged in directly to Mac.

That does not sound well at all… You could try another USB cable… only to a power adapter. Did the upgrade to a new firmware work fast and flawless? Maybe try it one more time just to be sure the firmware is alright. And you can contact Martin via the chat on the homepage…

Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thank you, mate! Update to firmware works like a charm. But just in case I actually just did hard firmware update with no luck. Tried different cable too, good cable, Elektron original one and tried to power from power adapter without computer. Tried on other presets too. No luck. Thank you for your help though. I think its time to contact Martin… ):

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Hi @Aleksandr, please reach me tomorrow on the website chat. Thanks!

Please forgive my annoyance but seems I can’t find where is chat? :sweat_smile:

No problem. I saw your email and I am arranging the replacement unit for you as we speak. We will collect your current unit later to see what has happened to that one.

I consider this one to be resolved :slight_smile: