Firmware 0.9.12

This is an optional firmware update.

Change log:

  • Accelerated pot reading. Pot reading is now based on the velocity of turning. This makes it possible to smoothly reach all values of 14-bit controls.
  • Improved USB host communication. A fix based on issues with Arturia Keystep. Thanks to @Kai01W for reporting
  • Improved message forwarding between interfaces (MIDI IO / USB Host / USB device). Supports Sysex messages up to 512 bytes now.
  • Added a possibility to switch LCD off with a long press of right-bottom button. Hold the button for 3 seconds. The LCD can be switched on by pressing the same button again. Note, when LCD is switched off, Electra still handles all MIDI traffic. Mentioned by @ColdSteel

firmware-0.9.12.frm (370.0 KB)

Please report issues related to this firmware version under this topic. If you encounter any problems it is safe to downgrade back to 0.9.11.

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Very cool. Switching the screen off works quite nice.

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I got my E1 a few days ago and it says this on boot. HW V2 Build 1.0-RC8. Is that where I check for latest firmware version? Do I need to update mine?

Hi Jigdagod,

yup, upgrade to 0.9.12. The 1.0-RC8 kind of escaped out by mistake. 0.9.12 is the current stable release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cool. Thanks for the response. No problem at all.

After putting the E1 to sleep and then pressing the button to wake it up. The knobs won’t respond unless I unplug the USB. I’m on 0.9.12

works on my side. I will try to reproduce it somehow. Thanks for reporting!

It was longer than an hour+ when it happened.

Update: I left it sleep all day today and the knobs are working.

Hi, I know know where the problem is. The LCD backlight affects touch sensing functionality of the knobs and the knobs rely on the touch in order to work. it might happen that when the LCD backlight is switched off and later switched on, sensitivity of the knobs is affected. I will make sure that re-calibration of the touch sensor is run after the LCD is switched on. it should do the trick. hmm, I got too technical here I guess :slight_smile: anyways, I will provide a fix in future release to make it more reliable.

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