Preset gone from User Account

While working on a preset for the Hohner HS-2/E / Casio VZ-10m, I experienced a pretty weird issue.

After preparing the preset in the Web-Editor on my laptop, I moved to my main computer to upload the preset onto Electra. When opening on the desktop, the preset overview did show the latest edit of the preset. Though, clicking on the preset, opened an older version of it.
At that point, the latest edit of the preset was still accessible in the Electra User Account on the laptop, but since this morning it’s gone there as well and reverted back to a version from ~12 hours before.

Luckily, I’ve downloaded the EPR file, so I hope the work is not lost. :crossed_fingers:

Maybe the issue is unrelated from the preset size. But it’s one parameter that clearly sets it apart from my other presets. It’s 10 pages of controls, including several multi-step envelops and a bunch of bitmaps.

Is there perhaps a limit (in the Web-Editor) at 128KB? The downloaded EPR is just a bit more than that…

The preset doesn’t have any real functionality yet, but I’m including it here nonetheless.
Hohner HS-2_E (Casio VZ-10M).epr (125.5 KB)

I will check that tonight. We do keep snapshots of each preset whenever it changes. I should be able to see what is happening and recover the preset. I will keep you updated.

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Hi Marian,

is this the preset you cannot see now? Hohner HS-2

Please, let me know. I can see it was created for the first time on Jan 5th, and the last edits were one on Jan 6th. Thx!

Hi Martin, yes that’s the preset!

The last version I’m seeing in my user account is from yesterday, the 6th at 11:43. But the latest edits were done somewhen last night. So they should be from the 7th at around 1:30.

Thanks for looking into that!

P.S.: I still have the downloaded version of the last edits. I can also try importing that preset once again. But I didn’t wanna mess with my user account etc. before knowing what went wrong or if the preset is somehow invalid.

yup, I am trying to find out what has happened. Feel free to import the preset though - import will create a new preset. I have the id of the original one, so it safe for both of us.

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What’s interesting is that the image on the overview page already shows the colorized version, which I did at a later point. But clicking on it opens the older monochrome version… :thinking:

I’ll import the preset now once again.

Let me know if you need any further details!

Less dramatic, but strangely I experienced the same issue again yesterday with the newly imported preset.

Once again I was working on the preset on my laptop. I then closed the preset in the web editor, waited ~15 minutes to make sure everything is uploaded and saved etc. Next, I opened the web-editor in a new browser tab on my main machine. → It showed a preset version 6 minutes older than on my laptop.

I’m now regularly downloading the preset to make sure I always have some restore point. So it’s not really causing trouble for me, but I figured I should report it nonetheless.

Thanks again!

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I hope I will be able to replicate it with this info. Thanks!