[Preset] Korg M3R

New Preset available: the 1989 Korg M3R.


Rather peculiar way of working, and an utter disaster to program patches on the instrument itself. With the Electra One, this simple but nice sounding synth is again tweakable.

The SysEx is comparable to the one of the Korg 03R/W with its own quirks.

Some pecularities:

  • the pitch EG attack time doesn’t seem to respond to its SysxEx parameter change request
  • the M3R only allows selecting single programs when in Prog Edit mode. But it doesn’t allow you to alternate between the internal and the card program bank. In order to do so, you must go the I99 and move one up to get the C00 and vice versa. Perhaps that can be automated using some LUA

V1.0 provides control over the Program Parameters and Program select.
I will add patch parsing and look into the multitimbral mode.