[Preset] Korg NTS-1 with aftertouch

Hi, I’ve published a revised preset for the Korg NTS-1. Electra One App

I built on top of the work done by “Pedro” (@xiizoo or @pportellano ?) and @joris.roling .
The new preset has the following additional functions:

  • It will hide irrelevant parameters (for instance if filter type is off, the filter parameters will be hidden)
  • The NTS-1 prevents you from using a user Delay effect together with a use Reverb effect. The preset will show this behaviour visually, by hiding the parameters that the NTS-1 by itself disables.
  • It’s a pity the NTS-1 by itself is not using any modwheel and aftertouch modulations, so I added a modulation destination and a modulation multiplier for both of them. Make sure the modwheel and aftertouch messages reach the E1, to ensure it is able to convert them in MIDI CC messages the NTS-1 understands.
  • There is a setup page that should be used to find out the values at which the NTS-1 changes its osc and effects types. This is needed particularly when you start adding additional oscillators or effects to the NTS-1, as then the MIDI CC values start shifting. You need to set the right values in the type control value lists yourselves.
  • For the parameter hiding functions to work correctly you need to set the MIDI value for the first use Delay and the first user Reverb as default value in their controls via the web editor on the setup page . If there aren’t any user effects, do set those setup values to 128 (they are currently on 56 for the Delay FX and on 60 for the Reverb FX).