I cannot save my preset

I’m working on a very big preset with over 200 overlays. When I click on the floppy icon to save, nothing happens. My guess is that it has something to do with the size of my preset but I can be wrong. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I am also working on a large preset and have come across this too sometimes. When it happens, I try to exit the editor (to initiate an automatic save). If it won’t exit, I open another tab and go to my preset editor to see if the preset actually saved. (Sometimes it saves even if it won’t exit the editor.).

If it saved, I unplug my EO, reload my webpage, plug the EO back in, and then it seems to work again.


I spoke with Martin today. He’ll check it out.

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There is s limit on the “preset” size imposed by the database system we used on the backend. It is a little over 1MB. I did not think we will ever reach it :slight_smile:

I am going to work with @Electrolove on splitting his work into more Lua modules. Any knowledge gained during that work will be later used to improving the editor/database storage.