Presets not controlling soft synths. Live 12

Hi folks,
I’ve had my E1 for a few days and only just dug into the preset library. I’ve downloaded all the TAL presets, alongside Dune and Pigments. I own and live registered all these synths. I’m on Live 12 Suite.

When i launch these VSTs the E1 presets don’t seem to control the instrument. I can see the values change on the E1 but nothing in Live. This may be a stupid question. but do the presets just provide a visual framework and then i do all the midi learning myself?

MIDI values are being transmitted, and when i use midi learn on a parameter the E1 does indeed link to that control. I’m connected via USB to my macbook pro. I’ve looked through all the documentation but cant seem to find what im looking for.

You need to install the Ableton Live Remote Script for E1. See GitHub - xot/ElectraOne: Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for the Electra One

For controlling plugins, see in particular ElectraOne/ at main · xot/ElectraOne · GitHub
ElectraOne/ at main · xot/ElectraOne · GitHub

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There’s 3 ways to control soft synths in Live.

  1. Is by using what @jhh is proposing and using his remote script which automatically maps parameters
  2. Direct midi control for which you have the presets in the Electra library. For that to work, you indeed need a mapping. Quite a few (where possible), provide a mapping txt file or similar in the threads here which correspond to the preset and need to be loaded into the soft synth
  3. Map from within Live