Haken Continuum Preset

I use the “Haken Continuum” preset (modified by Liv), but I cannot get the Preset Section to work, other controller works fine. Any user out there with the same config working?
(btw Continuum halfsize, fw 955)

Mine works: half-size, not a slim, 955, modified Preset, program changes work fine.

good to hear ©Resyn, that it works for you. Will look further, why the preset selctor does not work. I sent CC0(MSB) 1 and CC32 (LSB) 15 with pocket MIDI and it changes the presets.

@Resyn: Do you use the E1 with MIDI to the halfsize or USB to computer and from the computer with a USB to MIDI to the halfsize (in the Haken Editor appropriate settings)?
With direct MIDI the preset selcetor works, but the E1 did not receive anything from the Haken via MIDI 1 In on the Elctra One. Strange.

Do you use a MIDI interface or MIDI router? Maybe its settings are not optimal yet. At the moment I’m temporarily only using the Continuum for the internal drones - having the E1 Preset to choose Continuum patches is all I need it for for the moment. But a couple weeks ago I was using the Preset for parameters as well. Can’t recall if Eagan Matrix also reacted visibly to E1 controls.

MIDI-Interface is an UM-One, no MIDI router, E1 goes directly in the USB Port of the TB-Dock, also the UM-One.

Not really sure I can help. So the UM-One (recommended by Haken) DIN cables go to/from E1 MIDI 1 or 2? Not familiar with a TB-dock - is E1 “Hosted” by the TB-dock, thus powered by the TB dock?

Cannot get at the studio today - a good idea to check we’re both talking about the same Preset - as far as I know there are only 2 in public.

Just noticed a couple things in your post: I think the Continuum cannot presently talk to E1, ie no Patch Request is sent from the Preset in E1, not received by Continuum, not responded to by Continuum sending its relevant parameters to E1. Hitting the Patch Request button on E1 made nothing flow from Continuum to E1. Most likely the Preset is not programmed to do so - it’s supposedly not incredibly difficult for a programmer to change this behavior, but also as far as I know very few Presets have this functionality in place. And I know next to nothing about programming.

  1. Setup: MacbookPro 2018 with only Thunderbolt connections, Thunderbolt-Hub (OWC). USB from E1 and the UM-One are connected and routed in the Haken Editor.
  2. Setup: E1 with direct MIDI In/Out to the halfsize

The preset select works with the second setup!

Sure the haken sends MIDI out, because when you hook up the Kenton KillaMix, it will receive the values for the barrels of the selected preset.

I use the E1 preset modified bin Liv

Presently sick, I’ll be back in a few days.

Recover well @Resyn !