Create VST Presets

I’m looking to use the E1 to control VSTs, but have no idea about how to go about doing it? Do I treat it as any midi controller and assign knobs and faders to a knob on the E1 or how I did the hardware synth using the editor? I looked through the manual and forum, but didn’t see anything on this topic. Hopefully it can be used like the hardware synths so I can create preset files for each VST and use all the pages.

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you can either map the vst to the electra, or the electra to the vst.
I made a generic (and still very basic) VST preset for the electra (attached)GenVST.epr (4.9 KB) . And then map the VSTi to those cc numbers.
This is just using CCs (I have another one for the Diva, where I have cutoff done via 14 bit CC for smoother control). As lots of stuff differs between various synths, it’s not really possible to reflect that in ONE preset, but (at least for me), I can jam nicely with that limited amount of parameters.


Thanks for sharing this and replying. I’ll give this a try and see how it works out for me.