Public Preset Library update notification

Hi, would it be possible to implement a subscription feature to get a notification by email every time a new public preset has been added to it ? Just like the “Watching” notification we get every time someone replies to a topic in the forum…
Thanks a lot for considering !


Maybe every preset page could be connected to a forum topic…

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Yes, interesting idea. publishing a public preset would automatically create a forum topic where anyone could comment any question, correction, new ideas about it…
Maybe in the already existing “Instruments” forum Category ?


That would sync the forum nicely to the presets. Love the idea!


I like both ideas. Quite a nice coincidence, I actually discussed the notifications feature with some of the SB visitors. As well as an option to remap MIDI channels presets. Both are good features to be added.

Regarding linking the forum topics, I tried that in the past. Just to see if it works. And it does. Discourse allows “embedding” of the forum discussion threads to web pages.


Great news ! Please let us know when the feature is available so that I can subscribe. Thanks !