Relativ CC Problem with Intech Studio EN16

previously there was a topic about “additional controllers” for the E1 and someone wrote that he uses Intech Studio EN16, I also use this controller.
The 2 EN16s are connected to the E1 USB host, so I can simultaneously control all the parameters on the E1 display, not just 12. So far, I have solved it with “normal” midi cc, it works perfectly, that the EN16 encoder / button sends the cc that the E1 is an e.g. is assigned to fader, “usb host to midi out” is enabled in routing. this is how it works, only if I set a value for a fader on the E1 display, the EN16 encoder “doesn’t follow” the change, so if I later set the same cc with the EN16 encoder, I get a “value jump”, which very not good.
I found that “Encoder Mode” can be “Relative BinOffset” and “Relative 2’s Comp” for EN16. I also found “Binary Offset” and “Two’s Complement” in the E1 editor. I learned from EN16 Support that in these modes the encoders theoretically follow the value. In this case, “midi io to usb host” is also switched on routing, but no matter how I “set” it in E1 and EN16, unfortunately it doesn’t work. Could someone help me with this?