Roland JW-50 Workstation

This is a template for the Roland JW-50 from 1992, an early 16 track workstation that Sound On Sound magazine in 2005 said was, “largely lost to history”.


Maybe there’s little point sharing this because I’m one of the very few who own one (!), but I believe it may be useful for other Roland synths of the period using the GS sound engine (like the Sound Canvas modules), as they all used the same parameters and control change numbers.

This preset brings real time tweaking to parameters that can only be changed on the keyboard through the microscope editor, which definitely presents some new life and possibilities.

Unfortunately the [PATCH REQUEST] button won’t work for this synth, as the operator manual states the JW-50 doesn’t respond to data requests, so it can’t handshake with the Electra One.

Note that the preset is set to transmit out of port 2.