Pool of hidden controls across presets

Hello! I’ve been taking a look at the new 3.5 firmware. I’m currently away from music stuff, but I’m curious. :heart_eyes: I’ll be back to making music in less than a month, and I’m excited to play with my E1s again. A huge thank you to Martin for all the new coding, performing, and drawing features! I’m also thrilled to see that “preset monitoring” across all presets of a bank has finally been activated on the MK2! This opens up many new possibilities for cool templates.

I’ve been trying to focus on understanding the new hide/show feature between pages and hidden page locks. I was waiting for this feature to upgrade my own template. However, there’s something I’m unsure about.

Can we place hidden objects on a different preset page and use this pool from that other preset page, or does the page have to be on the same preset (the hidden page)? I’m asking this because I plan to use all the pages of my preset. In fact i have a last page free but i will use it for shure :sweat_smile:.

I think I understand that we can hide/show things based on object IDs. I’ve also looked at Martin’s example preset “[Lua] Hidden page”. From what I gather, IDs are determined by the object’s number on the preset and can’t be called from another preset. So, as far as i understand , there’s no such thing as a “hidden preset page” serving as a pool for an " official preset page," ?

Whatever the way it works i really want to thank again Martin and E1 team to make the E1 real ! And for all the unique stuff they brings to us ! It’s just incredible to have such a gear ! THANKS MARTIN !!! :tada::partying_face::partying_face: !!

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