Slide bar doesn't widen up

Hi, the side bar remains a thin line and doesn’t widen when moving the cursor on top of it. As a result it is difficult to get hold of the side bar to scroll down in the control settings.

Be aware: within the lua editor, the side bar is having the correct width

Hmm, do you really need this “tiny” bar?

I can just place my mouse somewhere over the side bar and scroll how I like to…

2023-01-30_17-54-12 (1)


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Sure, no problem when you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, like I usually have too. But this time I had no mouse at my disposal and needed to work with the cursor pad of the portable. And that was not very simple. :no_mouth:

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I see, thanks! :grinning:

I’m using an external track pad but it works anyway.

This is honestly annoying me a lot.
I am working form a laptop without a scroll wheel and its hard to scroll really.
I have to try several times before I can scroll down.
And if you make a mistake the screen will jump.
Would really like to see the scrollbar wider!

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I am going to release a smaller update of the web app before end of this week. Making the scrollbar wider will be included.

I was also considering the scrollbar to be more a visual aid. I do all the scrolling with the mouse wheel or trackpad. I did not realize there are other ways to use it :slight_smile:


we use your appliance in any conceivable way, @martin :slight_smile: