Small preset Lua log usability improvements

Two practical issues I’m constantly running into when making presets and logging Lua output:

  • the filter messages has autohide, but when it shows it overlaps the first lines of the output. could you add a pin so the filter always shows? currently it often overlaps the first lines which is where often the data I am logging resides.
  • the output does not autoscroll to the tail of the output (using latest Chrome Version 124.0.6367.62 (Official Build) (arm64)). This means needing to scroll manually at every change, which in turns shows the above filter… Would you consider adding a pin log feature so the log is always at the tail?


I’m working on the new version of the Electra app.

The MIDI console in the new app has auto scroll.

We are taking your suggestion regarding the filter under consideration.

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