Snaphot send not all cc's


Maybe not a bug, but…, i don’t understand…
There are several (19) midi ccs on out2 ch3 in a preset.

A cable goes from out 2 to the blokas midihub input.
If I turn the encoders, I can see in the midihub’s midi monitor that all cc’s coming in, everything works fine .

I saved a snapshot, but if I then send this snapshot, e1 does not send (more) midi cc.
only these 5 midi cc’s are received.

What could be the reason for this?


Just thinking out loud here:

the snapshot was made after all 19 controls were defined in the preset, it suppose? All 19 controls have a default value assigned to them, or were at least tweaked to a value before the snapshot was taken?

In one of the screenshots I can see the control does not have a default value, so maybe if that control isn’t tweaked before saving the snapshot, the E1 cannot know what value you want to give it, and then it does not store it in the snapshot? It’s a guess…

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“I just noticed” that many midi ccs don’t “go out” (on all channels) when sending a snapshot, even though I changed the settings

“(on all channels)” : that’s an interesting one: are you dealing with a preset with controls morhe tan one device, hence more than one channel? Could it be snapshots are only stored on a per device level? I would expect it to be on a per preset level (as you are), but you might test this out yourself.

I control the “full setup” from a preset.
16 channel ableton (vsti’s), “many” cc mappings on each midi channel. control of m4l devices on allableton tracks, midihub “pipes” on/off, midihub parameters control, MC8.
I have the “chord maker” software, everything is mapped to “root note”, scale etc cc
on ch1, 15, 16 specifically all cc up to 120 are “busy”

well I’m out of ideas myself right now…

I have the problem with the transfer speed of NRPN parameters send via snapshots - my Ambika synth cannot process them that fast. I think for CCs you can change the MIDI rate in the Electra editor somewhere… maybe that helps.


The rate can be set where you edit the device name @studiobischof .
You should give it a try for your Ambika synth NRPN’s as well.
If not we should ask @Martin to apply the rate for NRPN and RPN instructions as well.

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I set the “rate” to 10, 20, 100ms, but unfortunately nothing changed

I don’t see “these” midi ccs in the e1 editor’s midi monitor either if I send snapshots.
If I turn the encoders, I can see in the E1 app midi monitor that all cc’s go out, everything works fine .

if I then send this snapshots, the values on the display also change, but these cc’s not sent.

Hej, yes, I think Martin wanted to look on it after the new mkII work… Will give it a try again for NRPN then! @phonaak good luck with solving this riddle! The problem seems to be in the generation of the snapshot values before sending…

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if I send this preset to someone, could someone check to see if it “works badly” for them too?

I am busy with something else right now. I will take a look as soon as I have a spare window for that.


Hej @martin, have you had some time to look at the send rate for NRPN snapshots?
I just checked my Ambika with NRPN snapshots from the Electra and still have no luck.

Best from Berlin,

Hi Björn,

the issue is resolved on mk2. After the v3.5 is out officially, I will backport of the recent changes to mk1.

I am sorry it is taking long, but mk2 needed some extra care.




Nice! Thanks for that and no problem - it‘s a niche thing.